May 29, 2023

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Membership FAQ

The Lifeforce Membership is a single, integrated system for feeling, looking, and performing at your best now and for the future.

What's included in the Lifeforce Membership?

As part of the monthly Lifeforce Membership, you’ll get access to:

1. RETESTING EVERY THREE MONTHS See where you're making progress and what needs more attention as your body continues to change. Your membership includes blood draws every three months followed by a clinician telehealth visit so you get the data and support you need to track your progress and continue seeing results.

2. ONE-ON-ONE HEALTH COACHING Connect with your health coach via email or text to get your questions answered, learn about the latest research, set goals together, and receive motivational check-ins as you work to make progress on your plan.

3. MEMBERS-ONLY HORMONES & PEPTIDES As a member, you get exclusive access to hormone optimization and peptide therapies. Whether you need support with hormone balance, sexual wellness, weight management, or healthy aging, your treatment plan will be custom tailored to you.

4. MEMBER DISCOUNTS Enjoy 20% off all Lifeforce nutraceuticals, formulated with clinician-grade, research-backed ingredients. Not sure which ones are right for you? Your clinician will make recommendations based on your biomarkers and goals.

How do I make the most?

What does coaching entail?