March 23, 2022

Look Out for These Hallmark Signs of Aging So You Can Stop Them in Their Tracks

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Look Out for These Hallmark Signs of Aging So You Can Stop Them in Their Tracks

It’s a fact that our bodies change as we age. At Lifeforce, we believe that getting older doesn’t mean you stop participating in life. In fact, we believe the opposite.

Read on to learn more about the nine hallmarks of aging and how our transformative Peak Healthspan™ can help.

What Are the Hallmark Signs of Aging?

Many facets of aging remain a mystery to scientists, but we know it happens at a cellular level.

Researchers are still exploring the correlations between aging’s effect on our bodies, including how we’re more likely to be diagnosed with various ailments or conditions as we get older. While they’re still looking for answers, they have discovered several signs of aging that help us better understand what happens to our bodies during this natural process.

There are nine hallmark signs of aging that you should know. We’ve broken them down for you below:

  1. Genomic instability: As our cells age, our chromosomes become less stable. This results in our usual repair processes not working as they should, paving the way for aging effects and illnesses to become more rampant.

  2. Telomere attrition: The telomere is located at the end of the chromosome. This hallmark refers to when telomeres are more prone to DNA damage, like strand breakage and the inability to multiply. As with many DNA sections in our bodies, telomeres are prone to damage but not repair.

  3. Epigenetic alterations: Our environments hugely affect us as we age, and the same goes for our cells. Epigenetic alterations are where scientists observe aging happening in real-time, where genome modifications accumulate and show up over the years. These occur via changes in our DNA, including RNA interference.

  4. Loss of proteostasis: Environmental stress builds up in our cells. This eventually causes the parts responsible for protein creation and composition to deteriorate slowly. As proteins begin to lose their stability, we notice the more significant effects on our bodies.

  5. Deregulated nutrient sensing: Metabolic activity naturally puts stress on our cells. However, too much metabolic activity and changes in nutrients available to us cause our cells to age faster. This is why diet is so important as we age!

  6. Mitochondrial dysfunction: The stress of aging also affects the cell’s mitochondria. The stress on this particular part of the cell can cause apoptosis, which is when cells stop regenerating.

  7. Cellular senescence: This is the time where our cells stop growing and dividing due to cellular damage or lack of necessary nutrients. Senescence refers to the stop in the cell cycle as we age — i.e., the cell loses its power to divide.

  8. Stem cell exhaustion: The same thing happens here in our stem cells — eventually, they stop dividing. Except when our stem cells die, they are unable to regenerate. This is when we start to see the outward effects of aging, such as gray hair and wrinkles.

  9. Altered intercellular communication: As our cells start to age, they begin to self-preserve. This signals to our other cells that something is wrong, contributing to further damage, including a decline in tissue health.

How Does Lifeforce’s Peak Healthspan Work?

Lifeforce is committed to helping you maximize your midlife. Our cutting edge Peak Healthspan™ treatment targets all nine hallmarks of aging to bring you a better quality of life as you age.

Our products are designed to bring you peak health when it matters most, especially in your daily life. Peak Healthspan targets the aging hallmarks in several ways by supporting your health at the cellular level, where we’re most affected by the aging process.

When you choose to put yourself first with Peak Healthspan, you can help your body perform at its best. Peak Healthspan works to promote healthy aging, cellular longevity, cardiometabolic health, and more, thanks to NAD3®.

We’ve got the scoop on all things Peak Healthspan below.

Cellular Resilience

Peak Healthspan supports cellular resilience by promoting healthy telomere lengths and higher NAD+ levels.

Stronger telomere lengths mean that our chromosomes work as they should by multiplying regularly, while NAD+ helps to bolster the integrity of our DNA. These are important, as they help our bodies stay less susceptible to disease.

Cognitive Health

By targeting your cells, you may notice improved cognitive function, including staying more alert and focused throughout the day and being more productive. This is because our mitochondria directly impact our brain function and health because of their roles in metabolism and creating energy at the cellular level.

Youthful Gene Expression

You’ll know from reading about the hallmarks of aging that a common theme among all of them is that the regeneration of cells slows significantly. Peak Healthspan naturally signals your cells to activate and grow, supporting longevity in your genes.

Youthful gene expression means that, with a little patience, you’ll be back to feeling stellar and lithe. You may also find you have an easier time with exercise and general movement.

Lipid Health

Lipids are organic compounds found in the body and are essential to our health. They’re the fatty acids that perform several critical biological functions like acting as structural components of cells, storing energy for our body to use, and acting as signaling molecules.

Peak Healthspan promotes lipid health in the body by helping to maintain levels of important fats needed by our bodies — VLDL, LDL, and total cholesterol.

What Are Some Habits That Can Slow Aging?

Peak Healthspan is a helpful tool as you age, but it’s also your habits that will give you a better framework for a healthier mind and body.

Here are just some daily habits you can incorporate into your daily routine:

  • Get plenty of rest: Adults need 7.5 to 9 hours of rest per night

  • Drink more water: Keep a bottle within arm’s reach to encourage you to drink

  • Eat well-balanced meals: Keep a journal if it helps or try meal planning

  • Exercise regularly: 2.5 to just under 3 hours per week is recommended

  • Practice gratitude: It can change your mindset and reduce your stress

The last one may seem out of place, but research has shown that those who cultivate a positive attitude actually live longer. It goes to show that nourishing your body with good food and exercise is just as important as nourishing your mind.

In addition to developing these habits, regular screenings and check-ups with your healthcare provider are also something that shouldn’t go unattended.

Let Lifeforce Help You Improve Your Healthspan

While scientists may not have all of the answers about how our bodies age, they can pinpoint nine hallmarks of aging that affect our bodies as we grow older.

Because aging happens at the cellular level, we created Peak Healthspan to target your cells and promote healthy gene expression and natural cell regeneration.

In addition to Peak Healthspan, creating healthy habits that are good for your body will help you improve healthspan. Nourish your mind and body by cultivating gratitude, eating meals with plenty of fiber, fat, and protein, and ensuring you’re getting plenty of rest.

Don’t let anything hold you back from participating in your life. Learn more about Lifeforce here and start your Lifeforce Diagnostic today.


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