January 09, 2023

5 Most Improved Biomarkers From Lifeforce Members’ Retests

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5 Most Improved Biomarkers From Lifeforce Members’ Retests

One of the many benefits of being a Lifeforce member is the data we capture and share with you. These insights are essential, not only to figure out which biomarker levels are off in the first place, but for tracking your improvement and making sure your plan is working. 

We’ve already spotted the three biomarkers that are most frequently out of range in our members. And the good news is that, with Lifeforce in your corner and continuous commitment to your health, those outcomes can change for the better. Based on anonymized data from members’ first to second blood tests (typically three months apart), we saw considerable improvements across key biomarkers that are crucial to optimizing health and performance. 

“I was not surprised to see these results,” says Dr. Vinita Tandon, Lifeforce’s Medical Director and a board certified endocrinologist. “We have such good treatments for these biomarkers, and our members are also so vested in tracking their biomarkers and taking the initiative to follow their program.” This integrated approach to lifestyle changes, health coaching, and supplementation — particularly as we enter midlife — is key. “The body’s ability to make active pro-hormones keeps declining as we age, so we need to be judicious about which supplements we take,” Dr. Tandon says. 

So which are the most improved biomarkers from test one to test two? Lifeforce’s Medical Director shares them here, including insights on the treatments that made the most measurable impact on health, performance, and longevity.  

Lifeforce Vitamin D+K

1. Vitamin D

What it is: Despite its name, vitamin D is actually a hormone that keeps your bones strong. It also affects your cardiovascular system, immune system, and nervous system.

Why it matters: Vitamin D helps so many systems in the body run smoothly, but up to 40% of American adults don’t get enough. As we get older, our bodies and thinning skin don’t utilize the vitamin D we get from the sun as efficiently. That means we’re only getting about half of what our skin absorbed when we were younger. Eating vitamin D-rich foods such as fish and eggs can help, but Dr. Tandon says it’s often near impossible to get the daily recommended amount (600 IU for adults ages 19 to 70) through food alone. 

How we optimized it: Lifeforce’s clinician-grade Vitamin D+K formula features a highly bioavailable form of vitamin D, CELLg8®, which has been shown to significantly raise vitamin D levels thanks to its liposomal delivery system. “In the past, I’ve seen some people get results using other brands of vitamin D supplements, but not consistently like we’re seeing with the Lifeforce’s Vitamin D+K, and not to the same extent,” says Dr. Tandon. “With others, based on my experience, you might see an increase from 30 to 40 ng/mL, whereas, with Lifeforce, we’re seeing 50 to 100, which is amazing.” 

Lifeforce Diagnostic Biomarker Results

2. Testosterone 

What it is: Testosterone is the sex hormone that regulates libido, muscle mass, strength, and fat distribution. 

Why it matters: Every man experiences a progressive decline in testosterone starting in his mid-30s, about 1 to 2% each year, which can affect health, happiness, and performance.
How we optimized it: DHEA is a precursor to testosterone, so your body needs it to make testosterone. Improving DHEA levels leads to an improvement in testosterone levels, so these two biomarkers go hand in hand. Lifeforce also offers pharmaceuticals and testosterone therapy to boost testosterone. And part of the plan always includes lifestyle changes, says Dr. Tandon, such as getting enough sleep, reducing stress, and never missing leg days when working out.

Lifeforce DHEA


What it is: DHEA is a steroid hormone that’s a vital precursor for the sex hormones estrogen and testosterone. It’s also known for its thermogenic properties, meaning it spurs your body to produce heat and burn calories.

Why it matters: When DHEA levels drop off in your 40s, you’ll notice your usual wellness routine doesn’t cut it anymore, and weight gain, brain fog, and low libido creep in. Maintaining healthy DHEA levels as you age will help you hold on to your vitality and perform at your peak for your age. 
How we optimized it: “It’s hard to move this biomarker significantly on your own,” says Dr. Tandon. “You can see a little improvement if you build up your large, lean muscles like your leg muscles, but the kind of improvement we’re seeing among Lifeforce members is only seen with good supplementation.” DHEA supplements can optimize sexual function, maintain a healthy metabolism, and even promote bone health.*

4. Glucose 

What it is: Glucose is the sugar found in the blood and is the main energy source for your body. 

Why it matters: Having too much glucose in your blood over time can be a sign of diabetes. Regular testing can indicate what affects your level so your doctors can adjust your plan accordingly. We also look at your glucose levels along with hemoglobin A1c, total cholesterol, triglycerides, LDL cholesterol, C-reactive protein, and homocysteine levels for a holistic approach that helps us identify insulin-related issues and the appropriate nutritional and lifestyle shifts.

How we optimized it: Lifeforce offers the pharmaceutical Metformin to improve blood sugars, along with the nutraceutical Peak NMN™, which contains Berberine, an insulin sensitizer.  

Glucose is a biomarker that’s also very reliant on lifestyle changes, like adhering to a lower-carb, higher-protein diet, avoiding processed foods, maintaining a healthy weight, and remaining active.* “It’s hard to make big changes quickly,” says Dr. Tandon. “So this one’s a challenge for many people. Glucose levels can also be high if you’re stressed or not getting enough sleep, and those are things that are hard to turn around in only a few weeks.” 

Lifeforce Methylation

5. Homocysteine 

What it is: Amino acids are molecules that your body uses to make proteins, and homocysteine is one of those amino acids. 

Why it matters: “Homocysteine is a cardiac risk factor, making it a valuable biomarker to track,” says Dr. Tandon. “But high levels can also uncover vitamin B12 and folate deficiencies.” That’s because these vitamins break homocysteine down into parts that your body can use. High levels of homocysteine may be a sign that you’re lacking vitamin B12 and folate.

How we optimized it: “I was impressed this one made the top five because it’s historically hard to move unless you're on a really good supplement,” says Dr. Tandon. “It speaks to the quality of our Methylation supplement.” But you also need to get plenty of these vitamins in your diet via leafy greens and animal proteins. 

If you’re on the fence about getting started, remember that: “Starting the program is the hardest part,” says Dr. Tandon. “And while data is helpful, it’s not just a numbers game for us. We’re also putting it into context and looking for better clinical and health outcomes that’ll translate to longevity.”

Motivated to kick your performance plan into action? Tap your Lifeforce Health Coach (included with your Lifeforce Membership) to get help in reaching your goals. Setting yourself up with the right data, tools, and support are key to getting results.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Lifeforce nutraceuticals are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

*Pharmaceutical products are only available to Lifeforce members and are contingent on blood tests results and clinician telehealth visit.

This article has been medically reviewed by: 

  • Vinita Tandon, MD, ABIM Board Certified in Endocrinology and Metabolism

  • Alex Antoniou, MD, ABNM Board Certified in Nuclear Medicine

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