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All About Testosterone Pills for Men

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All About Testosterone Pills for Men

If you have low testosterone levels, also known as hypogonadism, your doctor might recommend starting testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). While first-line TRTs usually include creams, injections, pellet implantations, and nasal gels, these often come with unpleasant side effects that can make sticking to your treatments more difficult. If traditional TRT formulations don't quite work for you, you might want to try testosterone pills instead.

Testosterone pills, or oral TRT, are liquid-filled capsules that you swallow, just like with any other pill. They're only available via a prescription and are usually meant to be taken twice a day — once in the morning and once at night, with a meal. Some of the FDA-approved testosterone pills on the market include Kyzatrex®, Jatenzo, and Tlando.

Here's everything you need to know about testosterone pills and whether they might be the right type of treatment for you.

Are Testosterone Pills Safe?

Kyzatrex® is FDA-approved and deemed safe and effective for the treatment of hypogonadism caused by medical conditions. Disorders of the testicles, pituitary gland, or brain can all potentially cause hypogonadism because these organs all play a role in producing testosterone.

The FDA has established these prescription pills safe and beneficial for men who are hypogonadal and symptomatic. 

While testosterone pills are FDA-approved, it doesn't mean this prescription is without side effects. Kyzatrex® was shown to minimally increase blood pressure readings by 2-3mm Hg, not requiring additional hypertension therapy in most people. 

Other side effects potentially associated with testosterone replacement  include increased red blood cell count (hematocrit), liver problems, edema in ankles and feet, painful and enlarged breast area, and sleep apnea.

Also worth noting: Unlike other forms of TRT, such as gels and patches, testosterone pills are absorbed through the digestive and lymphatic system — and newer pills such as Kyzatrex® completely bypass the liver and don't pose a risk for liver toxicity, per the Cleveland Clinic

Do Testosterone Pills Work?

Oral testosterone pills are clinically proven to raise blood levels of testosterone. So if you have low T levels — defined as less than 12 nmol/L or less than 300 ng/dL — due to a medical condition, taking testosterone pills can help bring your levels up to a healthy range.

A 2021 study in the Journal of Clinical Hypertension reports that Kyzatrex® raised testosterone levels to a healthy range in 96% of men with hypogonadism after three months of treatment. That means symptoms of low testosterone levels, such as low sex drive, erectile dysfunction, poor mood, and fatigue, can all improve after taking testosterone pills as directed.

Just remember to take your testosterone pills with a meal to help the medication absorb and work better.

What Are Testosterone Pills Used For?

Testosterone pills are used to treat hypogonadism caused by medical conditions. Testosterone pills work by raising the level of testosterone in your blood. So if you have hypogonadism, testosterone pills are an effective treatment to help correct the deficiency and alleviate symptoms associated with low testosterone levels. 

Common symptoms of low T levels include fatigue, mood issues, low sex drive, fat gain, loss of muscle mass, sleep issues, and hair loss, among others. TRT treatments such as testosterone pills can help bring your T levels up to a healthy range and reverse the symptoms associated with hypogonadism.

If you think you have low T levels, schedule a visit with your doctor to get your hormone levels checked. Your doctor will order a blood test to test your T levels, and if your testosterone is at a lower-than-normal range, you can discuss starting oral TRT. 

How Long Does It Take for Testosterone Pills to Work?

It can take as quickly as three to four weeks into treatment, but maximum benefits may take as long as six months to a year, per a 2011 European Journal of Endocrinology report. 

According to the study, people on TRT saw improvements in libido after six weeks, while effects on mood take around three to six weeks. Body composition improvements — think: losing fat and gaining muscle and strength — occur within 12 of 16 weeks of therapy, according to the European Journal of Endocrinology report.

But everyone responds to testosterone pills differently. Always follow up with your doctor and regularly check your T levels while on treatment to make sure you're responding to TRT well.

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Kyzatrex® is an FDA-approved oral testosterone treatment. It is a unique formulation that is highly bioavailable and convenient to administer. It is prescribed for men with low levels of testosterone who are symptomatic and have no contraindications to hormone therapy. Clinical trials revealed 96% of men treated with Kyzatrex® were able to restore their testosterone levels to a normal range. With painless administration and flexible dosing, Kyzatrex® is considered a first-line choice for many men.

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