February 28, 2022

Optimize Your Health: What to Look For in a Diagnostic Test

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Optimize Your Health: What to Look For in a Diagnostic Test

More and more people are putting diagnostics to the test. The at-home diagnostics industry has boomed in recent years, growing by an explosive 314% from 2016 to 2021. While part of this rise was fueled by the COVID-19 pandemic, industry experts expect continued growth with diagnostics for heart health, hormones and fertility, organ health, and nutrient levels. In fact, the global home diagnostics market is predicted to surpass $8 billion by 2030

What does this mean for you? A lot more options to choose from. And with at-home diagnostics at your fingertips, you’ll have access to essential knowledge and power to enhance your health proactively. 

In today’s traditional healthcare system, a doctor typically won’t order blood tests until a patient is experiencing symptoms. That means you may be missing out on key opportunities for prevention and optimization. “There are a lot of things you may not have symptoms for or you’ve experienced them for so long, you don’t even realize they are symptoms,” says Dr. Kerri Masutto, a functional medicine expert and VP of Clinical Operations for Lifeforce. “Diagnostics is a way to identify things early so they don’t become a problem in the future.”

It also takes the guesswork out of optimizing your performance. “With diagnostics you can take a scientific approach to improving your physical, cognitive, sexual, psychological, and cellular health instead of guessing by how you feel day to day,” says Dr. Masutto. 

Yet with so many options, how do you know which diagnostic is right for you? “You may ask, ‘Is this worth my money? Will I really get results? What type of diagnostic do I even need?’” says Dr. Masutto. “There are a lot of choices out there, and you don’t necessarily know if they’re testing for the root cause of your particular symptoms.” 

That’s why building a comprehensive, convenient, and research-backed diagnostic was so important to us at Lifeforce. Here are five key criteria to look for when putting ours — or any diagnostic — to the test.


1. It’s science-backed. 

Science is the foundation of everything we do at Lifeforce. The Lifeforce Diagnostic measures 40+ biomarkers that have been methodically chosen for their direct correlation to optimizing performance at midlife and beyond. 

“We built our system from the ground up through extensive research of peer-reviewed studies,” says Dr. Masutto. “The biomarkers we measure are very established in the medical community and backed up by rigorous research.” 

We also ensure there are science-backed solutions for everything we measure. “We’ll never test something and tell you there’s an issue, but there’s nothing that can be done about it,” she adds. “We make sure there are safe, effective, and research-backed interventions that are possible for everything we find.” 

2. It’s comprehensive.  

You don’t want a snapshot of your health — you want the whole picture. “Many diagnostic companies test a very narrow subset of areas such as hormones, fertility, or nutrition alone,” says Dr. Masutto. In fact, most tests measure only three to six biomarkers. “Lifeforce stands out because we get a much more comprehensive, holistic view of your health.” 

The 40+ biomarkers we measure span five key areas of your health and performance:  

  1. Critical nutrients

  2. Organ health

  3. Hormone balance

  4. Metabolic condition 

  5. Key risk factors 

“We want to measure and track it all because it’s all connected,” Dr. Masutto says. “If your hormones are out of balance, we also want to know if your nutritional markers are off because that can affect hormones. In turn, hormones can affect your metabolic health.” For example, research shows that estrogen levels impact cholesterol and dilation of blood vessels. “You want to look at it all together so you get the full picture instead of just one slice in a vacuum.” 

3. It’s interpreted by real doctors. 

The numbers don’t always tell the full story. When you receive results from a diagnostic, “it’s not just about your levels being ‘normal,’ it’s about how the data relates to you and your symptoms,” says Dr. Masutto. “The numbers always have to be looked at in the context of you as a person.” For example, if you feel less energetic or motivated lately, a doctor can look at your hormone levels and key nutrients to get to the bottom of what’s going on. 

That’s why every Lifeforce Diagnostic is accompanied by an in-depth medical report written by a board certified doctor. A diagnostic is only as good as the expert interpreting it, and you can rest assured that your data is reviewed in the context of your life, your health history, family history, and wellness goals. 

Want more? A Lifeforce Membership will allow you to schedule a consultation with your doctor to discuss your results in more detail, ask questions, and receive a personalized plan that may include pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, and lifestyle modifications to help you reach your peak. 

4. It’s convenient and value-packed. 

Convenience and affordability are common roadblocks to healthcare. In one study, 24% of participants cited cost and 15% cited convenience as a deterrent to seeking care. At Lifeforce, we are committed to delivering accessible, affordable, and valuable diagnostics. 

The Lifeforce Diagnostic is available for $549, while an in-depth diagnostic from other brands typically costs $700+. For your convenience, a licensed phlebotomist draws your blood from the comfort of your home, which is included in the diagnostic cost. Your results and plan are then delivered through a simple and easily accessible dashboard.

You can also be sure you’re getting an incredible value. “A lot of people are spending money on unreliable and untested avenues,” says Dr. Masutto. “With Lifeforce, you get best-in-class, high-quality diagnostics that are research-backed and you have access to medical doctors to help you. We want to make sure you get real results for the money you’re spending.” 

5. It’s not one and done. 

Change is a constant. “Your body changes as you age, seasons change, your diet, stress level, work, and family situations all shift,” says Dr. Masutto. For example, if you’re dealing with a particularly stressful period of your life, that can increase your risk for a weakened immune system, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, hormone imbalance, sexual function issues, and more. 

Your diagnostic should keep up with your life. “The important thing to realize is that no medical plan, even if it's working great, should stay the same forever,” adds Dr. Masutto. 

That’s why with a Lifeforce Membership, we retest every three months so you can see the quantitative changes you’ve achieved and adjust your personalized plan as needed. “We want to support you over time so even if you’re feeling good now, we have an opportunity to catch things early if they’re starting to shift,” says Dr. Masutto. “We don’t want you to feel good for a few months. We want you to feel good for the rest of your life.” 

Sign up for your Lifeforce Diagnostic today. 

This article was medically reviewed by: 

  • Vinita Tandon, MD, ABIM Board Certified in Endocrinology and Metabolism  

  • Kerri Masutto, MD, ABIM Board Certified in Internal Medicine, Institute for Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner 

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