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Overall, I feel amazing. People are commenting how much younger I look, which thrills me. Even my grandson made a comment … ‘You look great, gram’… I’ll take that any day.


Linda C, 63, MD

Lifeforce Member

I want to be healthy but I don’t want to spend my whole life doing it. I can’t be bothered arguing with my doctor about the prescription. This is so convenient and I love that all of the pieces work together.


Bernie M, 46, TX

Lifeforce Member

I need something to put me back on peak performance, not about being muscly. If I’m not at my peak every day my business suffers directly. This has been awesome - super convenient, simple, expert.


Hayden T, 35, UT

Lifeforce Member

My energy has improved. I was the oldest in my bike group and the group didn't anticipate that I was 69 and thought I was in my early 50s based on my performance.


Steve M, 69, ID

Lifeforce Member

I am now sleeping so much better through the night and feeling better. I was having major sleep issues and low vitamin D. The Lifeforce products have totally helped me stay asleep and feel good. So far so good and even lost some weight.


Patty S, 38, FL

Lifeforce Member

Make Midlife Your Peak Life

Declines in health and performance begin as early as 30. As a Lifeforce member, it doesn't have to be that way.

Benefits: less bodyfat, deeper sleep, better energy, healthier aging, more focus and greater strength

Tony Robbins

Founder, Author, Philanthropist

What better gift could you give yourself than the ability to optimize your vitality and strength to last and even increase with age?


A single, convenient solution that empowers you with everything you need to make the right health decisions at the right time.

1. Measure Your Baseline

Take an at-home blood test covering 40+ biomarkers driving your health and performance.

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Apolipoprotein reduction from 52 to 12

2. Get A Plan Built For You

Receive a personalized program of hormones, peptides, nutraceuticals, or lifestyle improvements all delivered to your door.

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Apolipoprotein reduction from 52 to 12

3. Track Progress And Keep Improving

Work with functional medicine doctors and health coaches to understand your trends and stay optimized.

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Apolipoprotein reduction from 52 to 12

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