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The first step towards feeling better is getting your levels checked. Our at-home blood test measures 40+ biomarkers that drive your mental and physical performance. The diagnostics include a telehealth visit, clinical report, and personalized plan created by a Lifeforce clinician.

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    • Metabolic Condition
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To fully optimize your health with testing every 3 months and hormone support, we recommend the Lifeforce Membership at just $129 a month.

We Measure 40+ Essential Biomarkers

Your body's messengers, pulling the strings on all female and male systems

Thyroid-stimulating Hormone (TSH)

Thyroid controls or supports many functions in the body, including your weight, skin and hair health, energy levels, mood, and much more. Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) is the signal the brain sends to your thyroid gland to make thyroid hormone.

Luteinizing Hormone (LH)

Luteinizing hormone (LH) is FSH's partner in reproductive health. In women, LH causes your ovaries to release eggs. In men, it prompts the testicles to make testosterone and supports sperm production.

Follicle-stimulating Hormone

Follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) is a vital reproductive hormone. It helps women to release their eggs and men to make sperm.


Estradiol is the main form of estrogen in both women and men. Levels naturally increase in men with age and decrease in women as they reach menopause. 


DHEA-S is a hormone that works behind the scenes to help produce other sex hormones, including testosterone and estrogen.


Insulin-like Growth Factor (IGF-1) is a hormone made by the liver that tells your bones and muscles to grow.

Total Testosterone

The primary male sex hormone produced in the testes in men, and in smaller doses in the ovaries of women, testosterone regulates everything from bone and muscle mass, to fat distribution, to libido, energy levels, and mood. Managing testosterone levels is especially important for men after age 35, when levels begin to steadily decline. 

Free Testosterone

Unbound testosterone is called free testosterone and is the active and accessible form of the hormone.

Health Optimization Made Easy

85% of Lifeforce members report improved quality of life within their first 3 months.

* Based on patient-reported outcomes from 5,000 Lifeforce members.


A single solution combining everything you need to understand your body and optimize your mental and physical performance.


All available via telehealth consults on your phone with monthly deliveries to your home.


Using data from 40+ biomarkers, Lifeforce clinicians create a plan that’s custom built for your biology and goals.

How It Works


Complete your blood draw

Book a phlebotomist to draw your blood at your home or office, or walk-in to your local Labcorp.


Tell us about yourself

Complete your intake assessment so we can understand your current health and help you reach your goals.


Get your results

Approximately 10 business days after your visit, your results and plan will be available in your Lifeforce portal.


Book your telehealth consult

Review your results and recommendations with a Lifeforce clinician and start your membership!


Take Your First Step

Your diagnostic includes an at-home blood test, telehealth visit, full clinical summary, and personalized plan outlining any hormone optimization, nutraceutical, or lifestyle tools that will improve your performance.

A test of this depth usually costs $700+. We offer our diagnostic at cost to empower you with the data to take control of your health.

World Menopause Day 50

Why Normal Isn't Optimal

Most 'normal' biomarker ranges are focused on diagnosing disease, not on helping you identify what’s optimal for performance. For example, the traditional 'normal' range for vitamin D is 30-100 ng/ml, however research suggests 50-100 ng/ml is a more optimal range for performance. The Lifeforce Diagnostic isn’t just a comprehensive snapshot of your health, it’s a proactive investment in reaching your peak.

More than 5,000 members optimized

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alex testimonial

Alex, 40


Before joining Lifeforce I didn't know anything about biomarkers. I love that Lifeforce gives me a deeper idea of what's going on inside my body...I don't have to guess, I can actually see the results.

Courtney Member Testimonial

Courtney, 54

Charting Her Own Path

I feel grounded, clear, and focused. My energy levels are back, and I’m gaining strength in my workouts quicker than I thought I would. I love that Lifeforce gives you the protocol, and then you’re in the driver’s seat. With the follow-up tests, you can see how you’ve been improving firsthand.

Don't accept hormone imbalance

The Lifeforce Diagnostic empowers you with everything you need to track your body's performance and the expert guidance to make the right health decisions at the right time.