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Male Hormone Optimization

Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Testosterone, the cornerstone of male vitality, begins to diminish at age 35. Alarmingly, over 40% of men above 45 experience lower than ideal testosterone levels, which impacts energy, strength, focus, sexual health, body composition, and overall well-being. Lifeforce revolutionizes testosterone optimization with our at-home testing and therapy to get you back to feeling more like yourself.

Testosterone Levels By Age

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Low testosterone is one of the most underdiagnosed conditions in American men.

Vinita Tandon

Dr. Vinita Tandon

Lifeforce’s Medical Director, a board certified endocrinologist

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55% of tested men have low testosterone

An epidemiological study found that out of a group of men who visited their primary care doctor with a variety of symptoms, up to 55% of them tested positive for low testosterone.

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What Testosterone Impacts

  • DiagnosticsStamina
  • Moon IconSleep Quality
  • LearnEnergy
  • Weights IconStrength
  • Heart IconSex Drive
  • Smiley Face IconMood
  • Fat Metabolism IconFat Metabolism
  • Icon FocusFocus
  • Microscope IconBone Mass
  • Medal IconConfidence
  • Syringe IconBody Composition

Testosterone Optimization Done Right

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Testosterone Replacement Therapy

How It Works


Measure your baseline

Get your Lifeforce Diagnostic, an at-home (or walk-in) blood test, measuring 40+ key biomarkers, including free testosterone, total testosterone, and other key drivers of performance.


Book your telehealth consult

Review your results with a Lifeforce clinician and get personalized recommendations based on your biology and goals.


Start your membership

Kick off your membership and get access to approved hormone optimization, peptides, and pharmaceuticals (if recommended by your physician).


Track your progress

Re-test your biomarkers every three months to understand what's working and what needs adjustment to reach your peak state.

It’s Time to Reclaim Your Peak

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Why Lifeforce

Unlike other clinics that only provide testosterone optimization, our toolset of diagnostics, hormones, peptides, nutraceuticals, and lifestyle coaching give us the flexibility to meet you where you’re at with what you need, and nothing more.

Our protocols have been developed in partnership with experts from the Cleveland Clinic, Harvard Medical School, Boston University, and MIT. We combine the most thorough diagnostics, the deepest clinical expertise, and the broadest range of treatments to get you into your optimal range and keep you there, safely.

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