As an expression of our gratitude, we’re offering all active duty, reservists, National Guard, veterans, retirees, and military family members access to an exclusive discount. Take $250 off the Lifeforce Diagnostic and $30 off the Lifeforce Membership every month.

$549 $299 then $99/month
This offer includes the Lifeforce Diagnostic and the Lifeforce Membership. You will be charged $299 for the Lifeforce Diagnostic, then $99 for the Lifeforce Membership after 1 month. You can cancel your membership at anytime.
HSA/FSA-eligible with.

The Lifeforce Journey

Months 0-1
Man taking diagnostic

Measure Baseline

We'll measure the key biomarkers that impact your mental and physical performance, and get to know your health history and goals for the future. You'll meet with a Lifeforce medical doctor to review your results and get your personalized optimized plan.

Months 2-5

Get Optimized

With a dedicated health coach by your side, we’ll put your plan into action. That starts with addressing the quickest wins to improve how you feel and perform, before moving onto other goals.

Months 6-9


Every three months, we’ll retest your biomarkers to track how your body’s responding and fine-tune your plan. Meet with your doctor to identify your next set of priorities. We’ll tailor your health coaching to match.

Months 9+

Actively Maintain

Optimization isn’t a “one and done” process. Your body is dynamic and continues to change as you age. Your membership allows you to spot new issues as they arise and make the right moves at the right time.

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You Served Our Country. Let Lifeforce Serve You.

Lifeforce is dedicated to being your proactive health partner. With clinicians, health coaches, and nutraceuticals we provide the tools necessary so you can look, feel, and function at your best.

Get Back in Balance

Feel More Like Yourself Again

A Special Offer For All Service Men, Women, and First Responders

  • Take an at-home blood test covering 40+ biomarkers driving your health and performance
  • Receive a personalized plan of hormones, peptides, nutraceuticals, or lifestyle improvements
  • Work with Lifeforce clinicians and health coaches to understand your trends and stay optimized
$299 then $99 / month (cancel anytime)

“What better gift could you give yourself than the ability to optimize your vitality and strength to last and even increase with age?”

Tony Robbins
Tony Robbins, Founder, Author, Philanthropist

More than 5,000 members optimized

real people, real results

Chris Lifeforce Member Testimonial

Chris, 63

Motivated Dad

Lifeforce has rejuvenated me! It has changed my whole physique. I sleep better, I have a lot more energy during the day, and my mood is better….Now, I have a roadmap on how to be the healthiest I can be and enjoy the heck out of my future years.

Courtney Lifeforce Member Testimonial

Courtney, 54

Charting Her Own Path

I feel grounded, clear, and focused. My energy levels are back, and I’m gaining strength in my workouts quicker than I thought I would. I love that Lifeforce gives you the protocol, and then you’re in the driver’s seat. With the follow-up tests, you can see how you’ve been improving firsthand.

It's time to take control of your health

This exclusive military offer empowers you with everything you need to track your body, get expert guidance, and make the right health decisions at the right time.