Pharmacy Information

Last updated July 27, 2022


Lifeforce complies with Pharmacy Choice, always allowing our patients the ability to select their own pharmacy.


Lifeforce has several licensed, NAPB accredited pharmacies we partner with. Based on your location and the medications ordered, your provider will choose the best pharmacy to fulfill your prescription.


These pharmacies undergo strict quality controls to ensure the highest product quality, as well as rigorous review by certifying bodies and the clinical team at Lifeforce.


Please reach out to your Health Coach if you would like to request an alternative pharmacy. Note that not all pharmacies can fulfill all medications prescribed. Our specialty protocols often require compounding pharmacies to fulfill. You will be responsible to ensure the requested pharmacy is able to fulfill all requested prescriptions.


Also note that delays in fulfillment are common when working with non-partner pharmacies that are out of Lifeforce's control.



200 Moore Dr

Nicholasville, KY 40356




525 Alexandria Pike

Southgate, KY 41071



Precision Pharmacy

2657 Merrick Rd

Bellmore, NY 11710



If you want to receive your prescription for purchase from an alternative pharmacy please email us at after having completed your telehealth review.