Lifeforce Diagnostic

Stop guessing, start addressing. Our at-home blood test measures 40+ biomarkers that drive your mental and physical performance. All diagnostics include a telehealth visit, clinical report, and personalized plan created by a Lifeforce clinician.
  • hormone balance
  • metabolic condition
  • critical nutrients
  • organ health
  • key health risks

Biological Sex




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Your diagnostic includes an at-home blood test, telehealth visit, full clinical summary, and personalized plan outlining any hormone optimization, nutraceutical, or lifestyle tools that will improve your performance.

A test of this depth usually costs $650+. We offer our diagnostic at half that price to empower you with the data to take control of your health.


Most tests measure only 3-6 biomarkers. Lifeforce measures 40+ for a complete picture of your health, including advanced biomarkers rarely available in mainstream medicine.

Clinically Validated

Results are delivered with a full clinical report and personalized performance plan written by a Lifeforce Medical doctor.


Get your blood drawn from a licensed phlebotomist right at home (included in diagnostic cost), then receive your results via a simple digital platform.


Why normal isn't optimal

Why normal isn't optimal

Most ‘normal’ biomarker ranges are focused on diagnosing disease, not on helping you identify what’s optimal for performance. For example, the traditional ‘normal’ range for vitamin D is 30-100 ng/ml, however research suggests 50-100 ng/ml is a more optimal range for performance. The Lifeforce Diagnostic isn’t just a comprehensive snapshot of your health, it’s a proactive investment in reaching your peak.