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Peak Healthspan™

Invest in your health now and for the decades ahead. Featuring NAD3®, a proprietary, cutting-edge compound that targets all nine major hallmarks of aging, Peak Healthspan™ helps optimize your body today and well into the future. Its key ingredients increase the expression of healthy aging and longevity genes while making your body more resilient to changes in your metabolism and environmental stressors. It also optimizes how your body utilizes omega-3s to lift your mood and support your heart, cognition, and joint strength.

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Holistic Healthy Aging

Addresses all nine hallmarks of aging and promotes new mitochondria in cells

Cellular repair

Increases cellular NAD+ levels, and stabilizes telomere length, a key marker for longevity

Organ Health

Includes SmartPrime-Om™ to help the body better utilize omega-3s for brain, heart, muscle, liver, and immune system support


Age Better

Age Better

In 2013, Carlos Lopez-Otin, a Professor in Molecular Biology, published research that identified the nine 'hallmarks of aging', creating a new model for the world to understand and manage the aging process. Peak Healthspan™, featuring NAD3®, is a unique compound that addresses all nine hallmarks of aging. In the game of increasing NAD+, Peak Healthspan™ plays defense to Peak NMN™'s offense. NAD3® improves your body's ability to reduce NAD depletion over time, leaving you more NAD+ for metabolic activities and energy.