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highest quality, stable nmn

Most NMN generic supplements degrade in less than two months. Peak NMN™ includes only HPLC-tested NMN with 99% purity and 24 months' stability


Complements NMN with other key ingredients to support mood and healthy stress response


Includes Berberine and White Mulberry extract to naturally support healthy blood sugar levels


Future you says thanks

Future you says thanks

NAD+ is a molecule that supports DNA repair, cellular energy, and other critical functions in the body. Levels of NAD+ decrease with age and those declines have been associated with neurodegenerative conditions, cancer, and heart disease. Supplementing with NAD+ directly is ineffective for increasing cellular levels because of its low bioavailability. NMN is a precursor to NAD+, meaning it is converted into NAD+ in the body. Since the first clinical trial of NMN in 2016, excitement has been building about its potential as a breakthrough in improving longevity and healthspan. With NMN poised to take its place in mainstream health, Lifeforce Peak NMN™ gives you a stable, high-quality tool to invest in your biological future.