What frequency is a subscription?

All subscription offerings provide customers and members with a one-month (30 day) supply of the benefits of Lifeforce to help achieve their personal peak performance goals. Some Pharmaceuticals may require a 90-day subscription.

What do you test for?

We test 40+ biomarkers. Based on the results, we identify the optimal range for you and customize the solution specifically designed to meet your needs and help you achieve optimal performance.

Where can I find the Supplement Facts for each product?

You can find the supplement facts our website and also on the side panel for each bottle product.

Do I have to fast before having blood drawn? If yes, how long do I have to fast for?

Yes. Please fast for 12-14 hours before having your bloodwork done.

Can I talk to someone about the results of my bloodwork?

Absolutely. Our dedicated Member Experience team can set up a telehealth appointment for a Dr. to contact you and answer any questions you might have about your results.

How do I dispose of used syringes?

Please dispose of used syringes in a responsible manner. CLICK HERE to learn about the disposal rules and regulations for your area and find a disposal location near you.